South Africa

Here in South Africa we have 5 GLOW tracts in English and also in Afrikaans.  One of our members told us this story:   'We had completed our shopping and as were leaving for home, some 7 km outside town, we decided to briefly deviate to visit the health shop in another part of Heidelberg for an item we could not find.  My wife went into the health shop and I decided to go into the stationers next door.  As I was leaving, I reached into my pocket and offered the young man a GLOW tract on Talking to God.  He saw the title and said 'You won’t believe this, but I heard this morning that my son died'.  After expressing my sorrow, I reached into my pocket and handed him the only tract I had left, Is There Hope After Death?.  Both were in Afrikaans – his home language.   My wife said afterwards 'that was a Divine appointment!'"