Edgar is a recent convert to Adventism in Germany with a strong desire to spread the three angels’ messages.  The only problem is that Edgar is inexperienced in doing so and as a consequence he is extremely timid.  One day Edgar decided that he was going to push past his fears and witness.  He decided that putting GLOW tracts in people’s mailboxes at their apartments was just the thing to do.  He didn’t have to interact with anyone and could spread the word without anyone getting upset at him.  Soon, Edgar could be seen timidly walking from apartment to apartment, placing tracts in mailboxes all the while trying to be as quiet as possible and expecting the worst to happen at any moment.  While in this state of suspense, Edgar met a little girl of about six years of age.  She asked him, “What are you doing?”  He timidly told her that he was a good man giving out good things from the church. She asked to have one.  As soon as Edgar gave her the German tract, she skipped away around the corner.  A few minutes later, Edgar reported to us that he saw this little girl again.  This time she was standing by a street surrounded by some little neighborhood friends while she was reading the tract out loud to them!  What an example this little girl’s boldness was to Edgar.