International Travel

Following is an email that the GLOW office received from a 12-year-old who likes using the new children's tract!

Recently when I was travelling with my family I had a great experience.  Next to us in a line at the check-in counter at the San Jose Airport, I noticed a family with two girls carrying some ski equipment. The older girl, said something like: “Hi, I’m going skiing, where are you going?” Later in the waiting area for our flight to Canada, I noticed her again.  She and her sister were looking at their electronics. As we walked past, we pulled out our new kiddie GLOW What’s Wrong With Grandpa? and gave them each one.  Their dad didn’t mind and gave us a smile.  We went for a walk and when we came back and sat down, the older girl came over and asked if I had more “books”.   I said, “Yes”, and found some different titles to give her, telling her she could give them to her parents when she was done.   Returning the favour, she and her sister came by and gave us some candy. She stuck around and told us her name was Meredith. We became friends and my mom asked to take a picture of all of us together and her mom took one too.  Kids’ GLOW helped us make friends, hopefully for eternity. I want to encourage all the kids out there to give out GLOW too!